‘Grotesque’: short story in Ink Stains Vol. 6

If I’ve been silent on the bloggosphere for a while, it’s not because my passion for the genre has dwindled, but because I’ve spent the last couple of years quietly labouring away at writing my own horror fiction, the fruits of which I’m thrilled to be able to share with you today.

My story, ‘Grotesque’, is now available in print and ebook editions as part of the Ink Stains Anthology, Vol. 6, from Vagabondage Press. It’s a dark fantasy/horror story that pokes a bit of fun at the stresses of academic life, taking the phrase ‘essay crisis’ literally.

ink stains

© Vagabondage Press, 2017

Whether you’re more of an ebook person or prefer a physical copy, you’ll find ten exciting, dark tales from ten different authors (including yours truly) that all deal with boundaries, crossings and transgressions. The links above are American, but you can easily find it at your national Amazon site.

If you do read it, I would love to hear what you think. I continue to write, read and watch horror while working on my craft, and any journey is better with friends. For those of you who’ve read the blog before and know me as Iota (or even Terrifying Treats), I’m ready to remove the mask: My name is Alison Garsha. Nice to meet you.

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